Swimming elephant charges boat full of holiday goers

An elephant charging at you is never ever a good sign. It’s absolutely even worse when you’re stuck in a tiny boat that isn’t moving. Looking to see elephants on a river in Botswana? You better make sure you don’t get too close.

Su-An Marais found this out the hard way after a very close call with an elephant wading in Chobe River in Kasane, Botswana.

While on a guided boat drive for her mother’s birthday, the boat decided to approach an elephant grazing peacefully in the water. Marais got her phone out and managed to capture the rather terrifying incident.

“Although we were extremely close to the elephant, it seemed to be grazing quite peacefully in the fully flooded waters. “What could go wrong? I mean, even a fully grown elephant can’t swim that fast in deep water, right?”

“So I decided to take a video to record the plucking, chewing and breathing sounds of the animal, as no one would believe me if I had told them without proof… but clearly we were too close for comfort,” Marais told Latest Sightings.

The video shows Marais’ husband and father in law come face to face with the elephant as it slams its head and tusks against the front of the boat.

“So there were many precious lives at stake all of whom loves animals! Ironically, the last words before the elephant charged us came from my mother-in-law’s mouth was: “Hello liefie (lovey)!” Marais said.

At the time, the boat’s engine was shut off to allow it to float closer in silence. When the elephant first charged, the driver was in no rush to switch the engine on.

The decision to wait was later commended by Marais and family as the experienced guide knew that the sound would further anger the elephant.

You can see the video below. Keep an eye out for the anger in the elephant’s eye.

Credit: Nic Andersen, THE SOUTH AFRICAN

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