Precious Rescue Dog Can't Stop Smiling After Finally Being Adopted

This is enough to make anyone tear up!

Precious Rescue Dog Can't Stop Smiling After Finally Being Adopted

This is enough to make anyone tear up!

You may have come across this beautiful dog named Molly's story before. For months she was living in a Florida-based shelter, known on TikTok as @humanebroward. She then had a false sense of a forever home because she was adopted, but unfortunately, her owner had to bring Molly back after losing his home. UGH. 

Since then, Molly's been waiting for a second chance. And finally, that day has arrived for Molly. Her new family drove all the way from the west coast of Florida to adopt Molly after hearing her heartbreaking story. And Molly's reaction is absolutely priceless.  

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Aww! We're so, SO happy Molly is getting a second chance of being with her forever family. We just know this family is perfect for her. They already dedicated so much time to drive and pick her up. That's when you know it's true love! 

"Molly is gonna be treated like a princess. I can already see it lol," said @kidnapperofbr0die. We all see it! And based on the look on her face, she sees it too! @aimmiem.artistry added, "She looks so happy now. My heart cannot take this." SAME! A beautiful ending for such an adorable and deserving doggo. 

Another TikToker, @grryffindor, wrote, "She knew and was smiling big. Congrats to Molly." We truly have never seen such a big smile on a dog's face. Something tells us that her grin is going to be on her face 24/7. 

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