Quick-Thinking Veterinarian Saves Choking German Shepherd Using Tried-and-True Technique

This veterinarian is a true hero.

Quick-Thinking Veterinarian Saves Choking German Shepherd Using Tried-and-True Technique

Most of the time, choking isn't something that's on our minds. Parents often cut up small bites of food for their children--just like owners of small dogs do--but even large pets can run the risk of choking on everyday items. 

One unlucky German Shepherd got a Kong toy lodged in his throat, but he was saved thanks to veterinarian Dr. Hunt's quick thinking and experienced hands. Fellow vet Dr. Andy Roark shared the scary yet fascinating video on his Facebook page, and we can feel the pup's relief!

OMG! That was intense to witness, but that's the reality of working in a veterinary office sometimes. Procedures can look uncomfortable or downright scary, but they can be lifesaving too!

One commenter named DeShawn called this quick procedure "magic," and we think that describes it perfectly. It looks so effortless from afar, but we can only imagine how careful one would have to be while pressing on an animal's windpipe. No wonder this doctor is so happy about her success!

"I love how stoked the Dr. was," commented @Lindsay Lengyel. "She walked away with a win and loved every second of it. Nicely done!" We couldn't agree more if we tried. It was great to see a veterinarian who is so passionate about caring for animals, and nothing beats the relief of knowing that the choking dog is okay. 

Anyone can learn the external extraction technique that Dr. Hunt uses to save the large German Shepherd. Hopefully, you will never need to use this method, but it's a good tool to have in case of an emergency.

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