Rare Tri-Colored Siberian Cat Baffles Everyone with His Gorgeous Coat

His 'sunshine silver' coat is too beautiful to miss!

Rare Tri-Colored Siberian Cat Baffles Everyone with His Gorgeous Coat

His 'sunshine silver' coat is too beautiful to miss!

Ready for both a science and a beauty lesson? Yep--this gorgeous, 'sunshine'silver' cat is one special boy! Little Gustave isn't even a year old yet, but he's already breaking hearts across TikTok, where he goes by @gugusse_siberiancat.

As Gustave's mom explains in the caption of her cat's viral video, his tricolor coat color is "a rare color in Siberians called bimetallic or sunshine-silver caused by a recessive gene." This coat color is rare in male cats, too!

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Isn't he stunning? We just adore his airbrushed-looking colors as well as his gorgeous green eyes--and we're not the only ones smitten with this kitten!

"I am a calico mom. Every time I see a rare dude unicorn calico I lose my mind," said @potatobvbqueen. "He's adorable." You can say that again! The rarity of his coat color is just the cherry on top of his adorable self, and it sure doesn't go unnoticed.

Commenter @zranachan wrote, "The genetics of cat coat color is such a weird puzzle. Every time we think we understand it, another variable reveals itself." Science can be so fascinating! Like Gustave's mom said, his bimetallic coat is the result of a recessive gene--though it's much rarer in males than in females.

Color us intrigued! We can see why so many folks like @thepot8o enjoy reading up on feline genetics. They said, "Cat color genetics is super fascinating to me and I constantly gotta contain myself from info-dumping on strangers." We can completely relate! Now that we've learned about Gustave, we want to learn even more.

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