Rescue Goose's Adorable Little Sneeze Is Simply Irresistible

This video is just the cutest!

Rescue Goose's Adorable Little Sneeze Is Simply Irresistible

This video is just the cutest!

Right when you think an animal can't get any cuter, they make a unique little noise that simply melts your heart. Sound familiar? Whether it's a dog's howl or a goose's honk, these precious noises are great for a lot more than communication.

@Therileyfarmrescue's beautiful white goose is the perfect example. She's getting lots of attention on TikTok for her hilarious-sounding sneeze, and we can't get enough!

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Aww, that was the sweetest sound! We're not completely sure whether that was a honk or a sneeze, but, honestly--what does it matter? This goose is simply adorable, and that's all we care about. 

"It's not fair why does a goose have a cuter sneeze than me?" asked @lady_ebecc. LOL, we feel the same way! Sneezing isn't usually graceful--let alone cute--but this lucky bird looks good no matter what. Even close up!

@Farfiecross wrote, "Yeah cute sound but I'm distracted by the ridges on the beak! First time seeing that up close." Isn't it the coolest? Even though they're often mistaken for tiny teeth, these pieces of cartilage don't really have the power to crush anything. The National Audubon Society explains that they're helpful for pulling plants out of the ground--but they're nothing like a predator's teeth.

Still--geese can be vicious! Just look at what this goose's owner said in a reply to @farfiecross: "Yes! She is so beautiful and intricate up close! And these moments are rare because she usually attacks before we get a good look." Yep--she sounds like a typical goose to us!

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