Restaurants Are Now Catering to Doggies Instead of Kids with Dog Menus

Even though I love my dog, I'm not buying him a $75 meal.

Restaurants Are Now Catering to Doggies Instead of Kids with Dog Menus

Even though I love my dog, I'm not buying him a $75 meal.

At Wilson's, you can order your dog a $24 steak. At Judy Z's in NYC, you dog can dine on an entree of mutt-loaf, containing lean ground beef, panko, and steamed vegetables for $13. And at Douge in San Francisco, your dog can enjoy a fine dining tasting menu for the price of $75. 

The New York Times recently reported on the new spade of fine dining experiences for dogs, and about how dog menus have taken the place of kid's menus in some establishments. 

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Sorry, (not sorry), but as much as I adore our family dog, there's no way I'm ever buying him a $75 meal. I wouldn't even buy my human children a $75 meal. I will absolutely stop at one of those cute dog bakeries while on a walk with my dog and buy him an organic dog-friendly $3 cookie. I will shell out $52 to order him a bag of his specialized dog food from his vet because he pukes all over the floor otherwise. But there's no way I'm ever ordering him $15 (Plus shipping!) dog champagne

I get that people want to spoil their fur babies. But for me there's a big difference between shelling out for a bag of Beggin' Strips (The doggo equivalent of Slim Jims that I buy for my teens) or making a special stop for a Pup Cup at S-bux and buying them a meal that costs basically the same as what a week's worth of dinners from the grocery for my family costs. 

I love the idea of dog-friendly restaurants and being able to sip on a Mimosa or an overpriced Espresso while feeding my dog scraps of bacon under the table but I find the idea of shelling out close to a hundred bucks for his own meal sort of extortionate, especially considering so many families in the world are food insecure. I'd rather make that donation to a food bank or an animal shelter, where my $75 could be used towards feeding shelter dogs. 

It's your dog, it's your hard-earned money, but you won't see me sitting across from you ordering my own pup braised wild elk with celeriac cream, dill and dandelion. I love him, but I'm not buying anything that licks their own privates that pricey of a meal. 

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