Rottweiler Meets Street Musicians and Demands to Perform Too

We'd give him all our pocket change.

Rottweiler Meets Street Musicians and Demands to Perform Too

Rottweilers can be sort of intimidating dogs to a lot of people. They are large, they are strong, and a lot of people don't know how gentle and sweet these precious babies are. 

If they could just see the adorable video posted by the TikTok account for @Nala_The_needy_rottie after Nala met some street buskers, they would never be afraid of approaching one of these dogs again!

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The best part is when the singer changes the lyrics to say "Doggy you look perfect tonight." LOL! Nala just has the biggest smile on his face, what a ham! 

TikTok users are in love with this entire situation and Rottweiler fan @Tom says, "this is what we need more of people just being so positive around around Rotties. I love this more than I can say." @Dogmom adds, "Omg this is breaking my heart so sweet , people are always afraid of my Rottweiler." @Sam adds, "He said “Wait I can help them and also get attention for me!” @Kayleigh replies, "Such a lovely baby! He obviously loves people and the attention he gets! I am sure someday he will be a movie star." 

Nala is just too sweet and obviously loves the attention from the street musicians and the crowd who gathers. We can't help but think he didn't do his part in getting these performers some attention. Okay Nala, that's it,  we are preordering your new album on itunes! 

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