Seton Hall Awards Service Dog His Diploma for Attending All His Owner's Classes

What a good boy!

Seton Hall Awards Service Dog His Diploma for Attending All His Owner's Classes

Service dogs are just the best. They tirelessly dedicate themselves to helping people with medical conditions or those reliant on wheelchairs. These help those suffering PTSD or people who have experienced horrific tragedies. These remarkable puppers work so hard, offering invaluable assistance and unwavering support to their owners. 

.The TikTok account for @SetonHall recently honored one of their graduates and her adorable service dog for attending all of her classes! 

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The video description reads, "Seton Hall President, Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D. presents Justin, the service dog for Grace Mariani Mahwah, NJ, with a diploma for attending all of Grace's classes at Seton Hall." 

This is just so touching and TikTok users agree. @Gussie comments, "The dog looking up and wagging his tail more when he hears the cheers get louder." He looks so proud! @Grant adds, "He’s working so he has to be professional but you can tell he’s so happy! Love it." @Garbrille says, "I’m not crying, you’re crying." @Jules replies, "It's 6 a.m. and I'm crying!" @Schism hilariously adds, "They have both worked harder than I have in my entire life." @Carolyn comments, "Am I crying over a dog getting a diploma? Yes. Yes, I am." We are right here with ya, girl. 

It's just so wonderful to see! Graduating from college is such an achievement and Grace's family must be so proud of both her and Justin! Here's wishing these two all the success and joy in life. 

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