Shelter in Orlando Makes Desperate Plea for Help After Having Zero Adopters Come In

The community needs to rally around these pups!

Shelter in Orlando Makes Desperate Plea for Help After Having Zero Adopters Come In

There's no denying that there is an overcrowding problem in shelters across the country. These animal shelters are taking to social media and making pleas to remind people to adopt, don't shop as there are plenty of fur babies that need forever homes. 

One of the most recent pleas comes from an Orlando-based shelter, known on TikTok as @uniquelyk9. The video walks us through what their shelter looks like on a Saturday. This should be their busiest day of the week with potential adopters, but unfortunately, that's not the case. 

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Ugh, this video completely shattered our hearts into a million pieces. We can't believe that not one potential adopted even visited the shelter. Who wouldn't want to bring one of these precious babies home?! We'd adopt them all if we could! 

"I can attest that rescue dogs make the best family members. They just need love and patience," commented @justchoosejoy. Exactly! Rescuing an animal is definitely not rainbows and butterflies all the time. It takes time for them to get adjusted. There are steps to follow to ensure a smoother transition. That includes exercise, keeping other pets away initially and training. But don't worry it's oh-so worth it! 

If you'd like to adopt a dog from this Florida shelter, please check out the Orange County Animal Services website for more information. They are even waiving the adoption fee for their "ready-to-adopt" animals. So if you've been debating on whether or not to adopt, this is your time! And if you're not located near Orlando, try contacting your locale animal shelter to adopt from there! 

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