Smart Golden Retriever Correctly Predicts Gender of Human Parents' Baby

We can't get over this!

Smart Golden Retriever Correctly Predicts Gender of Human Parents' Baby

We can't get over this!

As a dog owner, I find myself continually impressed by my pups and their skills. They seem to instinctually know whenever I need an extra cuddle, and they can even anticipate events like earthquakes and thunderstorms before I do. So when I learned about this Golden Retriever who correctly predicted the gender of his owners' baby, I was instantly intrigued. 

This adorable story comes from 'pup-fluencer' @beaunosebones, who originally helped his parents announce their child's gender with a dog-friendly cake. But things were not quite as they seemed!

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OMG! Gender reveal mix-ups can happen, but the fact that Beau knew something was up is seriously impressive. I had the exact same question as @officialhayleymarie who asked, "how did the dog know?!" 

There seems to be a gathering of evidence that proves some pets can detect owners' pregnancies, but whether an animal can predict a baby's gender is still uncertain. Still, it seems pretty hard to deny @alyshaharris2's simple explanation: "it's a dog. They sense things." You can say that again!

Dog mom @lizbbvth shared, "that’s so true! before our gender reveal we put a pink and blue balloon & he went for the blue one. Even after the reveal! And he was right!" If I were you, I would've been absolutely blown away.

If anything, I'm willing to bet @purplepeopleeater2398 is onto something. She said, "He just wanted a second cake and got lucky." LMAO! Any food-motivated pup would feel the exact same way, whether or not they had any idea what the dog-friendly cake is for. But all that matters here is that everyone's happy. Mom and Dad get to welcome a baby boy soon, and Beau gets to chow down on a (second) snack. It's a win-win!

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