Special Needs Cat's Excitement Over Tuna Treat Is Too Sweet to Resist

His wobbly excitement is contagious!

Special Needs Cat's Excitement Over Tuna Treat Is Too Sweet to Resist

Phineas the orange cat isn't your typical kitty, though he can do just about anything the average cat can do. He has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes him a bit wobblier (and more charming) than most felines. It causes him zero pain or discomfort, so it's just another trait to love about him!

In fact, his 'wobbly cat syndrome' is helping him gain popularity online. In a recent TikTok video from his account, @phineasthecat, he delights viewers with a priceless reaction over a tuna-flavored treat. He's just the happiest cat, and we can't get enough of him.

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Just look at this cutie pie! Phineas--or 'Phin' as his family calls him--is such a joyful wobbly boy. No wonder he gets delicious tuna treats! 

Commenter @becciqqqq asked, "does his wobble get more dramatic when he is excited?" OMG--good question! As one might expect, his emotional intensity does make it a bit harder to move his body so quickly. But, like his owner specified, it doesn't cause him any discomfort. If you ask me--it's pretty adorable!

Blue Pearl Vet explains that cerebellar hypoplasia occurs when a cat's cerebellum does not fully develop before birth. This can sometimes happen when a mother cat has feline panleukopenia virus (feline distemper), or it can occur with an unknown (or perhaps zero) cause. Aside from a lack of balance and sudden, jerky movements, this disorder does not harm cats at all. So next time you see one of Phin's hilarious videos, you'll know just what a happy cat he is. 

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