Therapist's Dog Bringing Pillow to Every Patient Is Too Cute to Miss

This completely warms our hearts.

Therapist's Dog Bringing Pillow to Every Patient Is Too Cute to Miss

There isn't a day that goes by without us thinking we don't deserve dogs. Video after video we see dogs being so sweet and considerate, putting us or other animals before themselves. The perfect example of this comes from a recent clip that TikTok user @honeydeweydrop posted. 

This TikToker showed what her therapist's dog does as she enters the house for a session. Apparently, the dog does this with every visitor that comes over and it's absolutely adorable. We want to sign up for sessions with this therapist immediately solely so we can see this doggo!    

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O.M.G. This is everything we needed in life and more. We just love that this dog grabs the pillow without even being told. She must've gone to therapy in a different life because she knows all the visitors need it to feel a little more secure. 

"She just wants you to be comfortable," wrote @olivehowl. And what a great job she does! She needs a raise that includes extra daily treats and then some. You know, just to make up for inflation. LOL! @laurenashmck added, "That legit would convince me to go to therapy." Right?! We'd go every single day if we were greeted by this precious pup. 

Now, we know not every therapist will have a dog to greet you when you come in, but luckily there are other resources that have pets coming to the rescue. Pet therapy is very real and most pet owners will agree that their fur babies have helped reduce stress. Depression, anxiety, post-op pain, learning disorders, and trauma are just a few examples of health conditions that can use animal-assisted therapy. 

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