Therapy Bunny Visiting Residents at a Memory Care Center Couldn't Be Sweeter

This is good for the bunny's enrichment too.

Therapy Bunny Visiting Residents at a Memory Care Center Couldn't Be Sweeter

Therapy animals provide such a great service to people with memory issues and Alzheimer's disease. Therapy animals help those with dementia by improving their self-esteem, giving them confidence, and providing love, laughter and companionship. 

The TikTok account for @Rexrabbitrex has therapy bunnies and she recently brought her stir-crazy bunny named Brioche for a visit to a memory care facility. 

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According to Alzheimers.UK, If a person with dementia previously owned a pet, these animal interactions could help with reminiscence. Visits from animals may evoke pleasant memories and become an activity for the person with dementia to look forward to. According to the account holder, Brioche was getting bored this summer and the visit with these people provided this sweet bunny some much-needed enrichment time too!

TikTok users have fallen in love with this therapy rabbit and @Mara sweetly comments, "Previously worked in memory care. Please people keep doing this. The residents are really really lonely . Thank you for your kindness." @B adds, "I loved the cheers for you guys as you walked in the door." @Karen says, "Thank you for doing this! Those who love animals get a chance to love on a sweet bunny!" @Ginger responds, "My mom is in memory care, and they have bunny therapy a few times a month. The buns are so calm & Mom loves to snuggle with them." 

Such a wonderful idea and what a great way to help seniors. We hope they loved their visit with Brioche as much as we loved watching it.

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