Tiny Pomeranian With Alopecia has Everyone in Their Feelings

Oh Turtle is just too cute.

Tiny Pomeranian With Alopecia has Everyone in Their Feelings

You've all heard the term a face only a mother could love and that certainly can apply to pets too. We have found one dog we find super cute that basically looks like what happens if you love on a stuffed animal too much.

Check out the clip posted by TikTok user @Bodiceainspired of her absolutely adorable, 13-year-old, less than two pound Pomeranian with alopecia named Turtle. 

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TikTok users absolutely adore precious little Turtle and @Linda comments, "oh my...he looks like a puzzle that's missing a few pieces." @Brian replies, "Too freakin cute!!! He looks like a miniature Chewbacca." @Chelsey adds, "I refuse to believe this isn’t an animatronic." @Ken responds, "Aww she’s like when you drop a lollipop on a rug." @Hustle comments, "The way I thought this way a hairless bird."  Another user hilariously adds, "Omg! I can relate, I’m pretty sure this is what a couple kids, homeownership, and marriage looks like!" 

Oh Turtle, you never stop being as cute as you are right now! If you can't get enough of this tiny grumpy elderly baby, check this out: 

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That was Turtle when his owner first got him 13 years ago, awwww! 

If your own pup has or develops alopecia, many (if not most) causes of alopecia are ongoing conditions that will need periodic medications or other treatments. Talk to your veterinarian about treatment options. 

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