Two Dogs Fell in Love on Vacation and Everyone Is So Invested

These two are soul mates.

Two Dogs Fell in Love on Vacation and Everyone Is So Invested

An adorable couple traveling around Australia with their sweet Labrador dog recently posted our favorite love story of the summer. Their Labrador met a stray dog on their travels and now they are inseparable. 

Check out the sweet video posted by the TikTok account for @Saltypawss_ of these two dogs living their best life together. 

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Everyone is so invested in this love story and @Laura hilariously comments, "Even dogs have better love lives than mine." @Chelsea adds, "Dog is living in a rom com." @Alexis says, "Stop this is the CUTEST." @Sam replies, "You better take that doggie." @999 responds, "Looks like you got two dogs now." @Ash says, "They can never be separated now. The video creator replied with, "I know!! Looks like we will have some new roommates." 

There's nothing cuter than when one dog makes friends with another dog and your fur baby has someone to wrestle with and play with and take naps with. Plus, even better than that is giving a poor stray pup a loving forever home. 

Now we are super interested to see how this summer love story plays out. It would be amazing if they adopted the stray dog so we will just have to keep checking in on their TikTok account to see how this love story unfolds! 

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