Two Tortoises Caught Having a Magical Moment at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

They were having a great day, too!

Two Tortoises Caught Having a Magical Moment at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

No matter which Disney park you're lucky enough to visit, you can rest assured that you're in for a magical day from morning to night. There are so many incredible details that make Disney trips as fun and memorable as they can be, though a few families recently had a different kind of memorable experience at the park, too. 

Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom combines Disney magic with the wonders of the natural world--though no one expects to get a lesson about the birds and the bees while they're there. Still, that's exactly what happened when two tortoises were caught sharing a magical moment of their own. Luckily, one Redditor, /u/Comfortable-Peach_, shared a snapshot of the special occasion!

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LMAO! I suppose many children learned about the circle of life on that Disney trip. Some parents probably played it off as tortoise 'wrestling' or 'playtime,' but we all know what's really going on here! As one commenter said, these two are feeling the love tonight.

In all fairness, sex is just as natural as any other animal instinct. This kind of thing is bound to happen every now and again at Animal Kingdom, so we applaud this Redditor and all the clever commenters for adding even more magic to a...unique situation. 

We also love what commenter /u/spotheadcow said about this positive sign of animal health: "I worked in a zoo during my internship at college so I happen to know that natural behaviors like this show that the zoo animals aren’t too stressed out and are probably well taken care of." That makes sense, and that's wonderful news! Besides, we're sure this isn't the last time these two happy tortoises will entertain the guests. 

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