Uptick in Unique Species of Pets Becoming Emotional Support Animals Isn't a Coincidence

It's been a difficult time for many pet owners.

Uptick in Unique Species of Pets Becoming Emotional Support Animals Isn't a Coincidence

For anyone who's paid close attention to pet trends over the last several years, it's easy to see what's changing and evolving. Fresh pet food, for example, is growing in popularity. And so is the frequency of emotional support animal licensing, according to CBS News.

The patterns go even further, though: researchers identified exactly why ESAs are seen more and more often, and it makes total sense. In fact, it's easy to see why more species of animals are being licensed, too!

Aww! We love seeing people find so much comfort and joy in their animal companions. No matter what species or breed they may be, there's no doubt how much pets can change their owners' lives. It makes sense why more and more people would be interested in having their pet licensed as an emotional support animal

But what's the benefit of having an ESA? Since emotional support animals do not have the same rights as service animals, they cannot accompany their owner in all public spaces. Essentially--they are still pets. However, having an animal certified for emotional support will ensure they can live wherever their owner is. Landlords cannot turn away a tenant with an emotional support animal. In fact, this is one of the two main reasons for the uptick in numbers of ESAs.

The other reason is the pandemic. Many people needed a little extra help when it came to finding joy--or even a sense of normalcy--throughout the trying times. So now, more people know about the benefits of ESAs of all species.

To have an existing or future pet registered as an emotional support animal, it must be 'prescribed' by a licensed mental health professional. The therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist will provide you with an official letter. From there, no other licensing is needed. 

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