Video Highlighting 5 Weird Facts About Cats Makes Us Love Them More

Cats just can't be topped.

Video Highlighting 5 Weird Facts About Cats Makes Us Love Them More

Whether you're a feline aficionado or a trivia night master, we can almost guarantee you're going to enjoy these weird facts about cats from @miss.khey.official. At the very least, you're going to learn something new--and you might just see your four-legged friend in a whole different light! 

These fun facts aren't necessary for every cat owner to know, but they can be helpful for any cat owner to learn! Understanding your kitty a little bit more just might make things easier in the long run for you both.

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We never learned about all this in school! Even though cats are one of the most popular species of pet, these are the kinds of facts no one is talking about. It's time for that to change--don't you think?

"More than once I've woken up with my sleeping cat's paw in my mouth," shared @hugefrog88, "so it's great to hear about the sweat thing." LOL! We are so sorry for laughing, but that's such a cat-like thing for a pet to do. Why in the world were they pawing around in your mouth?!

As fun as that fact is, though, there's one in particular that has commenters talking: that cats cannot taste sweetness. @Brendanp66 went as far as to claim, "the sweet [fact] is a lie," so we had to double-check for ourselves. 

Scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia confirmed through research that cats are missing the base proteins that make up the gene for the ability to taste sweetness. Despite many cat owners claiming that their fur baby enjoys ice cream or sugar, those kitties are definitely not tasting sweetness in the same way a person would. Luckily, food for cats doesn't need to be sweet to be enticing!

All in all, it seems like these cat facts check out!

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