Video of Animals That Are Likely to Be Extinct Before 2030 Is Heartbreaking

Scientists estimate humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970.

Video of Animals That Are Likely to Be Extinct Before 2030 Is Heartbreaking

Just as we’re feeling the effects of global warming through unusually warmer temperatures and more severe storms, animals are, unfortunately, feeling it too. One example of this, that you probably already know about, is polar bears. They're losing their homes with the ice melting. 

Sadly, there a plenty of more animals that might face extinction. TikTok user @travelguyss posted a clip that shares just some of the endangered animals that will likely be extinct before 2030. You'll need a tissue for this video because it's just too sad.

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Ugh, this is seriously so heartbreaking. To think that our kids won't believe that these precious animals once existed is tearing us apart. This, unfortunately, wouldn't be the first time animals have gone extinct and likely won't be the last. According to The Guardian, humanity has wiped out about 60% of animal populations since 1970. How horrible.

"We got to protect the animals," commented @theebestever. We couldn't agree more. It is our responsibility to take care of not only ourselves and the planet, but also the animals. @ added, "All we can do is hope we can save their species like we did Siberian Tiger, bald eagles etc." Please! We'd do anything to help save these precious babies. 

Although this video provides just estimates, it still is eye-opening to see how close these wildlife animals are to being extinct, especially since 2030 is not far away. Visit a national wildlife refuge, parks, or other protected lands to support their work in saving these animals. It's the least we can do! 

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