Woman Attempts to Rescue Hawk Trapped in a Screen Door and People are Invested

That poor bird!

Woman Attempts to Rescue Hawk Trapped in a Screen Door and People are Invested

There are people who are great in a crisis. They speak in a calm, reassuring manner and know exactly what to do in case of emergency. We sadly are not those people. 

But TikTok user @Amburrrae absolutely is and you have to watch this wild video where she saves a hawk. With no gloves on. WITH her dog next to her. 

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She's such a hero! They way she talks to this poor hawk, "I know, don't be mad at me, you are gonna have to let go now." What a boss! With no gloves on! I was terrified the hawk was going to scratch her at any moment. TikTok users are amazed by this daring rescue and @Mcwrld comments, "You are BRAVE for going in barehanded grabbing the talons and all." Right? @Riley adds, "He looked kinda shocked at the end like… “Did that thing just save me?!” LOL! He was stunned. @Angela replies, "Just grabbing a velociraptor bare handed." @LM adds, "I don’t know who is more impressive you or your dog who didn’t bark or try to investigate more. Bravo!" My favorite comment comes from @Gyna who says, "Someone said “wear gloves next time” as if this lady already planned on doing this today lmao." Right? We are pretty sure this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence! 

All I know is that if the creator of this video and absolute hero reads this, I'd love to be able to put her on my emergency contact list. 

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