Woman Gets Sweet Sign From Beyond the Grave That Late Golden Retriever Is Still with Her

What a magical moment for her.

Woman Gets Sweet Sign From Beyond the Grave That Late Golden Retriever Is Still with Her

Although being a pet owner can be rewarding and fun, there is also a side of parenting that no one talks about. And it, unfortunately, happens to every single pet parent. The worst part of it all is having your fur bestie cross over the rainbow bridge

First and foremost, it's more than ok to grieve the loss of your pet. And secondly, the grieving process can be different for everyone. TikTok user @emmapanger had to say goodbye to her best friend in September, but at the beginning of this month, she saw a sweet sign from beyond the grave. Take a look!

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And cue the tears! We know firsthand how difficult it is to have a pet pass. They were your everything and then all of a sudden life changes without them there. It's devastating. We hope that this TikToker has been healing and that she views this sign from her late Golden Retriever as a positive. He's checking in and letting her know he's having fun in doggy heaven

One TikTok user, @al.to.the.pal, pointed out, "Omg there is a halo and everything." Ugh, here come the waterworks again. We didn't even notice that the first time, but we totally see it. What a beautiful and special sign she received. 

We want to reiterate that it's more than ok to be grieving a pet that has passed. Take your time to heal because it won't happen overnight. And if you're looking for help, there are tips to help heal your broken heart after the loss of a pet. These tips include connecting with other pet lovers, allowing yourself to feel your emotions, taking time to experience closure and reviewing the stages of grieving. It will get easier, we promise!

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