Woman's Sweet Attempt to Feed a Cockatoo a Cracker Backfires So Miserably

She got more than she bargained for.

Woman's Sweet Attempt to Feed a Cockatoo a Cracker Backfires So Miserably

If you've ever attempted to feed a wild bird, I have a feeling you'll relate to this woman's innocent intentions. I certainly did! It's second nature for an animal lover to share a bite of something plain, like crackers, with a curious avian friend, but I'd never expect an outcome quite like this!

Social media influencer and candy guru Kate (AKA @cotd365) was snacking away when a curious cockatoo convinced her to hand over a cracker. What she didn't know is that the bird told all his friends about it! 

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OMG--how many birds were there? I couldn't even count the number of yellow and white cockatoos who were somehow summoned to her patio! Clearly, that cracker was something special if the first bird told his entire flock about the snack.

I started getting the giggles as soon as a second bird appeared, but I just about snorted when I saw "them staring down from the roof," as @e_g_g_s_o_o pointed out. They're trying so hard to be stealthy, but they just can't help sneaking a peek! If that isn't me when someone in the next room is eating my favorite food, I don't know what is. 

Honestly, this story is just relatable all around! Whether it's snacky seagulls at the beach or hangry geese at the park, there's something about birds gathering for a snack that's so fascinating and fun. In Kate's case, it's rare, too!

"That's a good business, LOL," joked @tylerburnett22. "Those birds are expensive here." That's true! Cockatoos are not cheap pets, but they make wonderful companions for bird owners willing to put in the time and effort. Please don't take them from the wild though! If you must, offer a bird-friendly snack like Kate did.

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